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Note to interested players

This persistent world and all associated downloads are offline due to waning player/staff interest and shifting priorities. If you would like to see us return, you can send email to in order to to show interest.

Thanks for all the fish. is a persistent world-style NWN1 server. We focus on quality role play within the Forgotten Realms setting, more specifically the Silver Marches, within the Third Edition Era.

Our server exists since the early beginnings of NWN1 - all the way back to 2003. We have characters with diverse backgrounds nearly as old as that, lovingly-designed in-game areas, and a very extensive setting library. We pride ourselves on really letting players be more than just one of many adventurers if they so wish - from just that adventurer over a craftsmen, a city guard, right to influential merchants or archmages. 

Another noteworthy thing about us is that we have very good collaboration tooling, and a very low entry barrier for mapmakers - in fact, most of the time you do not need an admin to bring your changes online. If you want to build your own areas and dungeons within the Forgotten Realms or like to adjust the rules to enable a character concept, this is the place for you. 


Getting Started

In a nutshell –  Read this first . It will tell you if we are what you are looking for, and if you might enjoy playing here.

How to play – Find out how to start playing here!

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