Uploading Areas

Area files in NWN are special. There are .are and .git files, both of which are needed for an area to function - so pay extra attention that you always upload both. .are contains the tile data, and .git all placed objects, including doors. Areas with missing .git files will appear "empty", and areas with just .git files will not load at all.

Naming schemes

All areas are prefixed/grouped (into namespaces) by the general location they belong to as a three-letter identifier, a underscore, and a sub-location identifier with the remaining characters. Only areas with proper prefixes are accepted for import. Example: frk_main.are

Following the underscore is a maintainer-designated naming scheme - usally once again grouped into features inside that namespace; for example, wld_ contains forkroad01,02,.. describing the main road going west (named after what it's called in the setting). The main purpose for naming things concisely is to find them quickly in the area chooser and on the supermap.

Each and every namespace has a maintainer. That's the person responsible for general look & feel, layout, naming scheme, and what goes in or stays out. While you can update any areas as you please, it's a very good idea to talk to him/her before making any changes - even if only to prevent concurrent edits and wasted time.


OOCnivOut-of-character areas, like the entry one, the Chess Dungeons, and so on.
OTHnivOther & mobile areas, wagon interiors, disconnected stuff, maybe other planes.



The Fork - main city center, and surrounding areas.



Arnkeep areas

WLDDarkheyrWild lands - roads west, east?
ARNDarkheyrArn Forest areas.
CVLDarkheyrCold Vale - wildnerness north of Adbar Pass.
RVN Rauvin Mountains.
ANR Anauroch.
FRDDarkheyrThe deep roads, Fardrimm.
UPDDarkheyrUpperdark maps.
NTM Nether Mountains.

Do not depend on the tag for area files - FWN will rewrite those.


Creature Scripts

All creatures receive hardcoded script handlers; any values you put into the toolset will be overwritten.

Variables available to builders

Variable NameTypePossibles values
sit_nearestInteger1: Creature looks for the nearest chair object on spawn and sits there. Will sit again after a while when poked off. (For a placeable to be considered sittable by NPCs and players alike, it must be useable and have the script sit set on it.)

Automatic functionality

  • Creatures that have a torch (NW_IT_TORCH001) or a lantern (NW_IT_TORCH002) in their inventory will automatically equip it at nighttime and when inside natural interiors (like caves). To prevent this, take their torch away.


  • All inventories and loot generation scripts are removed.
  • Non-usable placeables are automatically made static, except in cases where this would break animations. If you want to have placeables useable (so descriptions can be read), you need to mark them as Plot. Non-plot placeables are always made unusable.
  • Chairs are made automatically sittable.

The following scripts can be assigned to OnUsed

ScriptWhat it does
sitMakes the clicker sit on the given object. This is done by default for objects where it makes sense, like chairs.




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