Shiana Blackfeather is one of the two so-called archmages of the local Academy of Arts, though she usually introduces herself as a simple sage - a profession for which her name is known throughout much of the north in all matters netherese. Nevertheless, numerous arcanists do know her to possess considerable arcane power and as originator of a number of archeological, construction or research-related spells; spells she readily shares through the academy established by herself and Nilith. She came to the Fork back when it was little more than Irvags tavern and a handful of tents, and has been involved in various construction projects, initial walls included. 

She commands a considerable amount of respect from the local populace, thanks to the fact that she has stood against many, many dangers to the Fork over the years, including orc and goblin tribes, gnoll bandits and their lich master, the machinations of the Black Network and even conducting negotiations with irritated Morueme dragons.

Stories about her origins are often conflicting - some speak of her many years in the Great Desert, others say she was born in the Dalelands or maybe Cormyr. Others, again, claim to know that she hails from somewhere along the Moonsea - her damaran ethnicity might confirm the latter idea. 

She is also reputed to be very, very well informed, without any apparent source - a fact that is attributed to everything from being part of the harpers, a spy network consisting of winged demons, or powerful divination magic.


A lithe, small moon elf girl originating from the distant island Evermeet. A very kind soul, unassuming in her behaviour, always having a smile for anyone that deserves (and, to her, nearly everyone does). This kindness is returned by everyone she meets, and she is highly regarded by most folks, even and especially loved by the "normal" people, considering she helped shape and protect the Fork.

Nilith is one of the "archmages" (called so by others, never herself) of the Fork. It is no great secret that she is the current Herald for Silverymoon, standing in both as the Throne's voice where needed, and with reponsibility for major diplomatic relations.

On occasion, she knits plush animals, and makes very bad pottery.


This one is Nilith's sister - another lithe moon elf (aren't they all?). Compared to Nilith, nearly noone knows (about) her. She is a self-proclaimed Harper (with the pin to "prove" it, should the situation  require it). In contrast to her sister, she isn't as loved - her face is oftentimes shrouded in cold stares and patronising dismissal.

She doesn't spend much time at the Fork, even though she is living in the same home as Nilith and Shiana. Most of the time, you might find her travelling the realms on Aries, no doubt on important missions that noone is told about.


A selectively-smart griffon, sometimes seen in the skies. His beak is big enough to swallow a cake factory whole.


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