Note to interested players

This persistent world and all associated downloads are offline due to waning player/staff interest and shifting priorities. If you would like to see us return, you can send email to in order to to show interest.

Thanks for all the fish.

In order to save yourself some trouble, time and download, please have a quick glance at In a nutshell to see if this is the right place for you. We are not a quest-driven server.

1 - Download content

Make sure you have NWN1 + both add-ons - patched to version 1.69.

To get everything neccessary to play, please download our Launcher. 

  • Unpack the zip you get into your NWN directory, and run silmpw.exe.
  • The Sync button will download all required content.
  • After things are done, use the same launcher to connect by clicking Run.

Do not use Direct Connect unless you run your game from nwncx_launcher.exe, or you will miss out on important features.

The launcher requires .NET 4.5 or newer (Windows 7 onwards already ships with it).

 If you have any other troubles, please check our tech FAQ

2 - Play

Before creating a character, please read the guide about Creating a character.

3 - create your account

While not strictly neccessary, we recommend creating an account with us. This account then is used to access the web parts of the game - like managing your characters, viewing chat logs, wiki as well as forum access, and so on. Additionally, you can use this account to secure your game access with a password. You can register here. Please read the hints on the register page carefully to avoid trouble later.

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