In order to ensure that committed files don't break content, certain checks are performed on import. Any files not passing those checks will be rejected and not committable. FWN will show you error messages that describe exactly what went wrong. You can just fix it in the toolset and drag & drop the file in again.


Impl. StatusTypeCheckError given by FWN / description
  • user <user> not allowed to upload non-area templates

This means you are not in the permit-list for uploading non-area templates - meaning anything other than .are and .git. Other files than those two are not required to make new areas, and as such the initial permission set given to users is limited to that.

OK*Stale data
  • unversioned file overwrites versioned data by <username>, last seen in <commit>

  • outdated file (based on <commit>), last seen in <commit>

All files downloaded from FWN are tagged with the last-commit ID.

This is to ensure that no data is lost by overwriting commits of other users. For most resrefs, the commit oid is stored in the Comment field (for .git files, it's a variable in VarTable).

Any commits you make that would overwrite data by other users or newer commits are rejected outright. You can overwrite files without a propery commit tag if you were the last one to commit data, on the assumption that you are uploading a new version of a work-in-progress resref.

Ref Prefix
  • area resref does not match naming scheme
  • area resref has unkown region prefix <prefix>

Areas are checked to always have the proper area prefixes. See Ref conventions.

If you think you're using a valid resref, but FWN rejects it, that's probably a bug. You should report it.

  • invalid tileset for area: <tilesetid>

Area has a invalid tileset. This means we can't display the map you built, because you didn't use the correct module.

If you think you're using a valid area, but FWN rejects it, that's probably a bug. You should report it.

  • area has invalid width or height

Area size needs to be divisible by 10 to fit the global area grid. See Ref conventions for details.

  • <object> has forbidden script in <handler>: <script>

All objects placed in areas are checked to not have improper scripts set.

If you think you're using a valid script, but FWN rejects it, that's probably a bug. You should report it.

  • <object> has forbidden script in <handler>: <script>

All uploaded templates that have script hooks are checked for invalid scripts.

If you think you're using a valid script, but FWN rejects it, that's probably a bug. You should report it.

  • cannot infer english value on <tagOrResrefOfStruct>/<label>: <locstrs>

A localised string has too many values on a given struct/label. This usually means there's a english value set and one in another language. To fix this, edit the object at the described path and only put a value into english. Set your toolset to english (Options -> Language) to prevent this from happening in the future.

PLANNED*.gitATsArea Transitions are verified to be link-complete - no dangling ATs are allowed. This works by parsing all Waypoint and Door tags.
PLANNED*.gitAT-TagsAll tags involved in Area Transitions are verified to be unique module-wide.
PLANNED*.gitRoute WaypointsRoute waypoints and NPC tags are verified to be unique module-wide.

Added data to resrefs

Resrefs added to FWN will receive some local variables describing where the resref came from, who added it, and so on.

Impl. StatusNameTypeValue
OK.fwn-commitstringThe sha1/commit ID that sourced this resref.
stringA human-readable string describing where the object was spawned (or "" if not applicable).
OK.fwn-author-emailstringThe email that committed this specific version of that resref.


OK.fwn-author-timestringA UTC-formatted timestamp. May change in the future.

Mangled data

This table lists all modifications your resrefs will receive when they are being deployed to the server. These are completely transparent to you - you are not expected to take care of them.

Impl. StatusRefsWhat is being done?
OKmodule.ifoMod_Area_List is always cleared. Mod_CacheNSSList is always cleared. These fields are being managed by FWN.
OK*.arearea tags are always set to their resref
OK*.areareas receive the default area-enter scripts
OK*.gitDoors (/Door List) receive the default door scripts
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