I've cloned completerc.hak to hak/silm_t_crc.hak . This has been a "tough" decision, but in the end, probably completely banal. Complete Rural/City is the tileset we're using for most of our exterior areas, and we already have a pretty substantial patchset that adds to it. The plan for now is to fix all the niggles and add roof walkmeshes.

This alone would basically replace half the hak already, together with our textures, so I decided to just rename/copy it. Unfortunately, rsync can't be made to base chunks off a existing file without patching --fuzzy and I really don't have time to do that right now.

This means folks need to download ~50MB of addn. data and they have a obsolete hak lying around, which I can't reasonably delete automatically without breaking other PWs players might visit. So there's that.

So if you know you don't play on any server that has the same hak, namely hak/completerc.hak, feel free to delete that.


Now, there are a few open technical issues that new players need to be aware of. I'm listing them here in order of OMG.

Server crashes

Currently, the server still crashes after reloading areas through nwnx. The crash profile is very subtle and hard to track down; it appears to be some kind of corruption in player TURDs (hey, Bioware's terms, not mine!) and only manifests sporadically on player logout. Please bear with us .. we'll get there eventually. (smile)

Gameserver rejects logins, even though masterserver accepts credentials.

This results in (not the exact verbiage but I'm sure you've seen it):

"Your login could not be verified by the server because the gamespy servers are down, but the server requires authentication."

That's not the actual Gamespy servers the message is talking about; this is a bug in nwserver sometimes ignoring my masterserver replacement. Obviously, This needs to be fixed ASAP. The only known workaround right now is to restart the game server. Luckily, this only happens after restarts and can be tested easily. The fix is to completely replace the relevant masterserver parts of CConnectionLib, which will take more doing than writing a blog post.

Restarting your game will not fix it, nor repeatedly hitting the Play button. Only hitting me will fix that.

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