I've cleaned up our haks somewhat, removed some legacy stuff, but - more importantly - added a metric ton of great creatures by importing the Project Q creatures hak.

The updater isn't deleting old files automatically, because that would break old FWN-sourced toolset modules, but if you don't need any of that, you can safely delete:

  • hak/wrm_sf10_sep.hak
  • hak/wrm_sf10_senadds.hak
  • hak/wrm_seasonalv10.hak
  • hak/silm_tiles_1_20.hak
  • hak/silm_misc_1_20.hak
  • hak/silm_anat_1_21.hak
  • hak/silm_crit_1_21.hak

We lost seasonal forest (noone was using it), and velmars interior tower tileset (we have better stuff now). That's about 1.1GB of data on disk you can free. (I've also removed some old and broken horse phenotypes from our old _item.hak.)

As to downloads, we're adding hak/q_creatures.hak, which is another 383MB or so on disk, and thanks to rsync you can expect only 160MB of actual transfer. Actual net disk usage as a consequence is minus 870MB if you delete all of the above.

There's some issues remaining w.r.t. additional riding phenotypes - we'll fix those as we go along.

I've also pushed a new catflap release that is a bit more verbose about expected disk usage.

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