Connecting, Authentication

Maybe. For now, the updater is only configured to download data files. It will not touch core install data, but it will overwrite existing haks of the same name should you have any. always tracks the latest versions of common/shared haks, like CTP. It'll download any missing data files, but it will NOT replace corrupt or handpatched core data files (this may change in the future, but there will be AMPLE warning).

If you are technically inclined, you can see the manifest for the updater here.

  • You do not have a account. Register first with your desired account name - it cannot be changed later.

  • You have written your account in different case. The game server is case-sensitive.

  • You have set a game password in your account settings on the vault, but the password you entered in the gamespy login box does not match this.

  • If you just changed your username in the gamespy login box, you will have to restart the game - it's a known bug. NWN will try to authenticate with the previous username against the server.

This is due to our internal authentication server. We're using a custom authenticator since the original Bioware masterservers are down. It uses your public CD key and some other authentication factors to verify that it is, in fact, you trying to log in to your account. Please check that you are using the CD key you used to create your account/first character.

You can see your auth history with rejection reasons in the vault settings page (top right menu -> Settings).

If you're still getting an error or don't have your CD keys anymore, just contact us.

There is currently a bug that for SOME people (it depends on latency and some other factors), that nwserver would deny access even with the correct CD key. If you are affected by this, please just try again a few times.

This is a DNS error. NWN sometimes fails to resolve the gameserver address even though your setup is otherwise working correctly. Simply try again.

You can retrieve your username or reset your password here


  • Antivirus is known to trigger on the updater, because it embeds executables. It is, however, perfectly safe. Make sure to add it as an exception in your antivirus.
  • Make sure you have .NET 4.5 installed.

The updater cannot update while the game is running, or any application has datafiles open and write-locked. Close the game, toolset, and any utility that accesses haks & tlk (like nwnexplorer, nwhak, ..)

Running the game

Find nwncx_loader.exe in your NWN directory, right-click on it, select Properties, Compatibility and check Disable desktop compostion and Disable visual themes.

  • Make sure you are using the updater to launch the game; the updater runs nwncx_launcher.exe, not the game binary.If you are sure this is the case (easily tested: if you see character portraits in the vault, you do):
  • You have probably played on Sinfar or another PW that uses their plugin, and nwncx_sinfar.dll plugin is outdated. Try deleting it from your NWN directory and updating again (we don't overwrite by default).
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